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Time for a Change

Jean Ahn

I'm going to be honest, I definitely went through a phase of wearing watches all the time, then all of a sudden I just stopped wearing wrist jewelry all together. But I was re-introduced to wearing watches thanks to Welly Merck. These gorgeous Swiss-made watches are timeless, classic watches and most importantly adjustable! I have small wrists and always had to go to a jeweler to take out links. These watches come in various different styles for women and men and they are also customizable! Welly Merck watches incorporate a two hands design that displays 'a more elegant watch face and a simplified design.' The sapphire crystal glass showcases the highest quality, making it impossible to scratch. The majority of modern Swiss watches use a sapphire crystal. 

I'm wearing the rose gold   'Classic New York'   36 mm watch here in this photo. 

I'm wearing the rose gold 'Classic New York' 36 mm watch here in this photo. 

The interchangeable strap is designed to altered easily without any tools! Having an interchangeable watch strap makes it fun to mix and match styles. You can also customize carvings on the back of the watch for your significant other to make it unique. 

I've partnered with Welly Merck and offering 15% off any watch, just use my promo code WJean15 at checkout! Visit here to view all of the watches in the collection. 

Which style is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!