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Kauai Travel Guide: What to do, where to stay and eat

Jean Ahn

Aloha! How’s everyone doing?

I recently got back from the Hawaiian island of Kauai and wanted to share a travel guide to the beautiful garden island. I had been to Hawaii a few times before and this was my second time to Kauai and it's probably my favorite island out of all the because it’s very relaxing, serene and less busy. The island felt like a tropical jungle! I was headed to Kauai for one of my best friend’s wedding and made the rest of the trip a vacay. Here’s the breakdown of where we stayed and ate while on the island and some tips and places you could visit while you’re there.

Outfit details :   Swimsuit  ,   Kimono  ,   Sunnies

Outfit details: Swimsuit, Kimono, Sunnies

Hotel: The wedding took place at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and since I was part of the wedding party I stayed at this hotel which was in Poipu - the south end of the island. There are also a few other resorts around the Poipu area which are near beaches and some breathtaking views. However I will say the Grand Hyatt was so big so it literally took about 15-20 minutes just to get to the lobby which made things a bit difficult but the amenities were fantastic. Think free laundry and purified water stations at every corner! I’ve also stayed at the Marriott Kauai Resort and loved this one as well and its near the airport off the Kalapaki beach. You could also stay on the north shore of the island in Hanalei or Princeville or in Waimea which is on the west side which also some amazing places to stay. But if you don’t want to shell out a ton of $$ for a hotel you can always find some great Airbnbs that are very affordable too.

Transportation: Before I came to Kauai I was told there no Uber or Lyft but there actually is! It’s a bit limited so it might take a while for your ride to arrive but better than not having some of these options. I personally would recommend renting a car. It’s actually quite affordable and would end up being cheaper than ordering Ubers or Lyfts constantly. Places on the island are pretty far away and its just so much easier to jump in a car and take a drive to catch all the sights and see some amazing views on your own. Also if you plan to stay in the Poipu ( south end of the island) or the north end of the island the airport is pretty far (at least 30-45 mins from these areas so it would be much easier to grab a rental from the airport. Thank goodness for Google Maps it is quite the life saver and made getting around super easy!

At the beach in Hanalei, Kauai Shop my   dress  ,   earrings  ,   bag  ,   sunnies

At the beach in Hanalei, Kauai Shop my dress, earrings, bag, sunnies

Excursions: The best day I probably spent in Kauai was on a 55 foot catamaran touring Napali Coast thanks to Captain Andy’s Sailing Adventures. We did this one. The five and half hour tour includes breakfast, lunch and cocktails plus a super friendly staff. The excursion is kid friendly but be sure they can handle rough waters and possible sea-sickness. While we weren’t able to actually go snorkeling due to some dangerous waters we did get to swim in the waters and jump off the boat. I highly recommend this one but I will say if you're the type to get any kind of motion sickness take a Dramamine before hand because depending on the day the boat may hit some rough waters. Also if you’re not a fan of getting splashed with sea water, stay down in the covered area. I tried to keep my phone on me as much as I could so I could get tons of pics and videos but the second we hit rough waters I put my phone away and left it in my bag in the lower covered area of the boat. If you do want to try and get all the action I would recommend purchasing a clear, waterproof case to protect your phone. Prices range from $95 to $185 per adult and I feel that they are well worth the price.

Luau: A luau is a must if you’re visiting Hawaii for the first time. It’s an authentic Hawaiian- Polynesian experience that I feel everyone should experience. Typically its an all you can eat/drink evening filled with hula dancing and fire shows. If you stay at one of the major resorts they will typically have a luau night there but you can always venture to another area to catch a show. Prices from $70-$100 depending where. You can check some Luaus in Kauai here.

On Captain Andy’s Boat Tour: Shop my look:   kimono  ,   hat  ,   sunnies  ,   swimsuit

On Captain Andy’s Boat Tour: Shop my look: kimono, hat, sunnies, swimsuit

Places to eat: As for restaurants, I felt like the ones near resorts all had a pretty normal menu which consisted of the typical American favorites like hamburgers, salads, steaks etc. but of course the seafood is Hawaii’s speciality so i definitely tried to enjoy as much seafood as I could and also try some authentic Hawaiian bbq as well. Here’s some great restaurants to visit on the island, Brennecke’s Beach Broiler, Duke’s Kauai, The Beach House ( which is right on the beach and even a popular spot for weddings) Plantations Gardens which by far had to be my favorite. The food and drinks were so delicious and the atmosphere was so picturesque. I enjoyed the grounds despite being there during a storm. I also tried some pretty delicious Hawaiian BBQ from L&L Hawaiian. It’s a chain fast food spot in Hawaii and ended up having this a few times in different areas of the island but it was by far the best in Hanalei.

Beaches: The island is obviously surrounded by beaches but there are a select number of beaches you are allowed to swim in. I visited Poipu (which was nearest my hotel) and it was extremely crowded with tons of kids running around. I loved Shipwreck’s Beach (this was less crowded and honestly a prettier beach in my opinion) and Hanalei Bay Beach which is in the north end of the island where it was every bit as picturesque as it was relaxing and serene. Here’s a full list of some popular beaches on the island.

Misc. Tips: The sun is REALLY strong even when it’s cloudy. Make sure you apply a ton of sunscreen and reapply often because you’ll most likely sweat it off thanks to the 100% humidity (typically in the summer months) I would recommend wearing a hat to protect your scalp and bring some bug spray too, I was covered in bug bites by the end of the trip! As for outfits, I shared my packing list here but I would recommend sticking to flowy dresses, maxi dress, rompers that are made of a light material. You will sweat due to the humidity so wearing light, breathable material is your best bet!

Hope these tips help plan your trip to Kauai!

That’s all for now!


The 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Jean Ahn

Hi! Hello everyone!

Hard to believe that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is less than a week away! It’s probably my favorite sale because it’s a rare opportunity to shop new items of the season at a discounted price. I love shopping this sale since I can stock up on all my fall items and be ready to go when autumn rolls around. Icon and Ambassadors can shop July 10th-11th. Check your rewards in the account tab to see what level you are at.

Nordstrom cardholders gain early access starting July 12th at 12:30 PM ET until July 18th. In the past years I’ve noticed items sell out before the sale is even open to the public on July 19th. You can apply for a Nordstrom credit or debit card here. I have the debit card which has all the same benefits but it’s just a safer option for me haha!

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 2.30.21 PM.png

Here’s some of the perks of being a Nordstrom cardholder:

  • You earn two points for every dollar spent in stores, online at, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, and Trunk Club.

  • Get a $40 bonus when you make any purchase on your card when you make any purchase on your new card the day you’re approved. 

  • Enjoy the benefits of being a Nordstrom cardmember.

  • No annual fee and competitive APRs. See here for APR and fee information

  • 24/7 Nordstrom customer service

unnamed (1).png

I also love shopping via the Nordstrom App! It makes it so easy to shop and pick up items in store on the same day aka instant gratification.. LOL!

Below are some of my picks from the sale which you can also shop via The app by following me (iamjeanahn) in the free app!

My Post copy.png

BLANKNYC Collarless faux leather jacket: I love this brand! I own a few suede and leather jackets from this brand and I can’t get enough. These usually sell super fast and this one is under $70 and will most likely sell out super quick!

Leith Cardigan: I’m also a huge fan of this brand too. Cardis are great for fall and winter and this one is perfect to throw in your bag or leave at the office. I also own a few of these too!

BLANKNYC Suede Moto Jacket: As I had mentioned before I have a few suede jackets from this brand and I’m really tempted to get them in every single color Lol! This gray color is perfect for transitioning into fall too!

Adidas Swift Run Sneaker: Love Adidas sneakers, they are super light weight and perfect for working out or just everyday wear. These are on sale for $63 and will most likely go super quick!

Leith Ruched Wrap Dress: Another great transition piece heading into fall. It also comes in a few other bright colors! This is on sale for $38!

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Full Size lip kit: Also love Charlotte Tilbury makeup and pillow talk is gold! It’s the perfect pink/nude and looks great on all skin tones. This set which includes a lip pencil, lipstick and liner is on sale for $60!

Below I’m linking some of my favorite boots from the sale. Is it just me but I can never have enough boots ever?!

I’ll continue to link more items once the sale goes live! What are some of your favorites from the sale? Comment below!

Happy Shopping!


What's going in my suitcase: packing for Hawaii

Jean Ahn

Hi! Hello! How is everyone doing? I’m super excited to be headed to Hawaii tomorrow for one of my good friend’s wedding, where I am the maid of honor! It’s actually my first time being in a wedding let alone the maid of honor so honestly I am a little nervous but super excited to stand next to my best friend on her special day. I haven’t been back to Hawaii since I was in high school so I am that much more excited. I’m headed to the island of Kauai which is actually my favorite out of all of them. It’s smaller, less touristy and much more relaxing since it’s not as busy. Naturally, I have planned most of my outfits and wanted to share what I’m packing for Hawaii. Since I’m only going for a long weekend, I am really hoping to not overpack for this trip but I guess we’ll see because ya know, a girl does need her options :)

My Post copy 3.png

First things first, shoes! I alway pack my my shoes first and at the bottom of my suitcase and arrange them around so I can fit other items in between. I always try not to take too many shoes because of course they take up too much space and they are the culprit for overweight bags (if you’re checking) I plan to take a pair of espadrille wedges, sandals, heels and wear sneakers on the plane. Another reason I stick to mostly neutral color shoes is so they match with everything and I don’t ever have to worry about color clashing.

Dresses: I plan to be wearing tons of dresses and rompers and luckily these can easily roll up in my suitcase but then of course this causes wrinkles. I found this mini steamer on Amazon and works like a charm! It also comes with a bag to put it in too which makes it great for packing.

Bathing suits: This is a given, I’m usually not into one pieces but I found this one and I love it so I’m planning to pack that with the usual bikinis and some high waisted ones as well since those are all the rage right now. Also, love a good coverup, packing a few coverups as well I like this and this.

Jewlery Case: I’ve shared this before on my ‘Best Amazon Finds’ post and I can’t live without it! It makes everything so organized and prevents tangled necklaces.

Makeup Bag: I finally found a makeup case and it’s under $15! Right now you can get $5 off too! It makes traveling with makeup soo much easier and keeps everything organized plus its compact enough that I’m able to toss in my carry on bag.

Straw Bag: I’ve shared this before on my ‘Spring Break Essentials’ post I can’t say enough great things about this straw bag. It’s the perfect size for the beach or pool and holds all your essentials.

That’s all for now! :)

Stay tuned for my Hawaii travel recap!