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Beauty Feine

Jean Ahn

For the longest time, I was NOT a fan of coffee. I liked the smell but could never drink it! But then I hit my mid-twenties and you could say I acquired a taste for it. I now drink it black sprinkled with some cinnamon and it's soo good and healthier without all the cream and sugar. I am an avid researcher of all things related to living a healthy lifestyle and recently steps to prevent aging. Collagen continues to appear in articles I have found pertaining to here for the low down. 


Thanks to Beauty Feine, there is a coffee with Collagen already in it! I have recently been using it and I absolutely love it. It tastes exactly like coffee and you don't have to change your morning routine at all.

Here are the Top 5 benefits of collagen: 

1. Improves hair and nails 

2. Reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks   

3. Reduces joint pain and it's an effective treatment/ prevention for osteoarthritis 

4. Boosts metabolism, muscle mass and energy output which can also lead to more lean muscle 

5. Strengthens teeth and nails  

Read more about collagen benefits here. 

I've teamed up with Beauty Feine and providing my readers $5 off a starter kit. Just use my promo code JEANBEAUTYFEINE at checkout and use this link to order your starter kit. 

Let me know how you like Beauty Feine in the comments below!