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Fashion Blog by Jean Sun Ahn.


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Sun Diego, California

Jean Ahn

I lived in San Diego for about two and a half years after I graduated from college. I have some of the best memories living there and definitely consider it my second home. It was the city where I had my first 'real job' after college and where I feel like I grew up the most. I recently went back to visit and visited some of my favorite spots in the are. San Diego is not a super huge city so it’s likely you can fit in most of the sights in a long weekend. Here's some of my absolute favorite spots in the San Diego area. 

Coronado Island: Hotel Del Coronado

If you want to head to one of the nicest (and cleanest) beaches I recommend heading to Coronado Island. It's only a few miles away from the downtown area just over the bridge. The views are breathtaking and while the island itself is quite small there are lots of cute shops along the main street. 

While you're here visit Hotel Del Coronado! Its a historic hotel that resides steps from the beach. It's always bustling with tourists and super friendly staff. 


For some scenic views head to Sunset Cliffs which has incredible views of the Pacific Ocean and the coast. You can even dive from the cliffs here! It's a mild trail perfect for some scenic snaps and pictures. I love to visit this spot but I reccomend coming in the mornings or early evenings as it gets pretty busy. 

Another must see spot is La Jolla. It's north (headed towards LA) I would say its upscale with a beachy vibe, as its right next to a beach as well. You can even head down towards the Children's Pool where you will find a bunch of seals around. I highly recommend Georges at the Cove for lunch on the terrace, the ocean view is spectacular here hence why its always incredibly busy so definitely make a reservation before going. 


Of course, you have to head to one of the beach towns when you're in San Diego, I love Pacific Beach, also known PB to the locals. Perhaps I am a bit bias since I lived in PB, but you can find so many places to enjoy brunch and some cocktails. Some of my favorites are Shore Club, Water Bar, The Local and El Perez. It's always bustling on the weekends and I recommend daytime is the best to spend at these spots which are all walking distance from each other. 


For those of you who've been to San Diego what are some of your favorite spots?