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New York City in Autumn

Jean Ahn

I have always wanted to spend autumn in New York, perhaps it was all those movies that show the colorful leaves that surround the streets of New York. I had the chance to visit the big apple around Halloween weekend and it was absolutely perfect. I would recommend a nice fall trip to New York, at this time it is about 50/60 degrees and sunny. Here's the break down some of the must-see places and activities along with outfits I wore on the trip. 


A nice light pea coat...

The air was still a little chilly at times so I came prepared and side note... I'm always cold. I had a light, short pea coat with me at all times easy to carry around. Having a long pea coat is harder to pack in your suitcase and to lug around while you are sightseeing. Check out here and here for ones like mine. 

Comfortable shoes are a must

Trust me I love to wear heels but when you're walking at least 3+ miles every day in the city comfortable shoes are mandatory. I wore these all week and my feet were fine when I wanted to wear heels I brought them along with me in a tote. I also love this and this for comfy, cute and affordable options. 

For all the Gossip Girl fans out there, remember that one episode everyone was running around with huge white masks in a dark hotel? Yes the GG characters were at Sleep No More, an interactive play in which you run around the McKittrick Hotel with masks on. Ok, I don't want to spoil it for you if you plan to go ( which you totally should ) here are some pointers as to what you should wear. I was such a rookie and made some serious mistakes since I had no clue what to expect. 


Ok, here we go again with comfortable shoes...seems like its a reoccurring trend isn't it? But seriously, at Sleep No More you are literally running around going up and down stairs over and over again with hardly a chance to sit. I made the HUGE mistake of wearing heels that were so very painful I honestly don't know how I made it through without taking my shoes off! But I wanted to dress up and of course, heels matched my outfit the best. 

The place inside is very old school glam ( think 1920s vibe) so I would suggest this or this as a possible look with a jumpsuit or even leggings and a fancy top. Ok, I don't want to give any more away on the play! 

Happy shopping!