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Visit to the ATX

Jean Ahn

I had always heard Austin was THE city to visit so when I got the chance to go SXSW weekend I was thrilled. I attended the x Kendra Scott influencer chats and had the best time learning so much from various influencers as well as meeting other bloggers. Austin has such a vibrant personality and the people are all so friendly! 


I also attended The Female Quotient's 'The Girls Lounge' and listened to various chats from female speakers who shared insight in business and being female in their various professions as well as the organizers for the Women's March. I left feeling so inspired and learned so much about how fierce females are and have become over the years. 


Some of must see spots are 6th street which is infamously known as 'Dirty 6th' Congress street and Rainey street. Those areas are always bustling with excitement especially for SXSW week. Some of the places I visited was Driskill which had an old school, classy vibes. (Think dark mahogany wood with gold ceilings and burgundy tufted couches)  I also visited Upstairs at Caroline which had a nice outside lounge with couches and a fire place with the cutest hipster decor. If you want to be extra touristy, head to the 'Welcome to Austin' mural in the south Austin area for the perfect photo op! For those who've been to Austin...what are some of your favorite spots there?