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Coachella Calling

Jean Ahn

Hi Everyone! How are you all doing?

April means it’s festival season! While living in California I had almost gone to Coachella many times but never actually made it to the desert until last year. It was my first time at Coachella and I really had no idea what to expect but many friends had warned me that there would be A LOT of walking. Of course I had no idea what that meant until I got there and I was thrust into the the fields. I did wear quite comfortable shoes but my feet were dying the first day and a little better the second and by the third day I was beyond exhausted I didn't end up going to the fields until after 4 pm! It’s a blast but definitely exhausting and V hot which actually makes you more tired. For anyone thinking or planning to go this year, I have provided some tips and tricks to help you have a fun, safe Coachella.

Bandeau top   //   Kimono   (similar) //   Face jewels     //   Hat     //

Bandeau top // Kimono (similar) // Face jewels // Hat //

* Shoes- must be V comfortable and flat since you will be walking about 10 miles each day. Your shoes will get dirty from the dirt and dust so I would recommend boots over sandals or wedges. I actually wore flat combat boots and my feet still hurt from all the walking! I like this and this. 

* Bandana- V necessary at night! The dust and wind is pretty extreme, so be prepared and have one in your bag. 

* Hydrate- You can't bring any water or bottles inside but water bottles are sold at almost every corner so make sure you buy a couple bottles depending how long you are at the fields.  

* Crowds- Be prepared for huge crowds at the stages and if you REALLY want to get to the front go early to get a good spot but be aware leaving the area will take a bit since the areas get packed REAL fast.  

* Bag- Bring a good size bag so you can fit your necessities. (i.e. lip gloss/chapstick, phone) I like this and this

* Sunscreen- Palm Springs is very very hot even in April ( think 90s and 100s ) make sure you're well covered up so you don't get burned.

* Cash- I would recommend bringing some cash with you, sometimes the credit card machines don't work and it's just easier to have have cash when buying food and drinks.

* Portable charger- If you're going to be taking a ton of pics and videos, be sure your power bank is charged up. Also I will add, because there are so many people service may not be the best so just post your stories/snaps later when you have Wifi.

*Hand wipes- The only bathrooms are porta-potties (unless you are VIP) so I would recommend bring a pack of hand sanitizing wipes with you.

*Sunglasses- Be sure to bring your cheap sunglasses you wouldn’t care damaging or losing. It’s very easy to misplace and damage items as you go from stage to stage.

Most importantly HAVE FUN, enjoy the experience and live in the moment.