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Italy Part 1

Jean Ahn

Hello Hello! How’s everyone doing? What’s new?

If you saw on my Insta stories I was in Italy a few weeks ago. The trip was a bit last minute ( I booked the flights only two months before) but I'm so happy I did. It was actually my first time to Europe and I was ecstatic at the chance to go. I visited Rome, Venice and Florence over 10 days and it was every bit as amazing as photos but I will say it was A LOT of walking, talking around 10-11 miles a day and at a few times, moments of frustrations and exhaustion. Relying on Google maps was the best way to navigate the streets. I flew into Rome and spent two-ish days there first and packed in visits to the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palentine Hill which were beyond incredible. If you head to Rome one of the obvious spots is, of course, the Colosseum. The lines get extremely long, so after some research, I purchased tickets online in advance in order to skip the line and go right in. I also went pretty early in the morning, (it opens at 8:30 AM) as it was less crowded. Upon entering the Colosseum there are a ton of steep stairs so make sure to wear comfy shoes and I’m going to just say that basically the entire trip you must wear comfortable shoes you can walk in. Especially in Rome, the cobblestone makes heels virtually don’t even try! I’ve linked some of my favorites that are comfy and fashionable. I like this and this

Top:    Lovers + Friends   //  Jeans:    Frame   //  Fanny pack:    Top shop   //  Sunnies:    Quay

Top: Lovers + Friends // Jeans: Frame // Fanny pack: Top shop // Sunnies: Quay

The ticket I had purchased also included a visit to the Roman Forum and Palentine Hill which was quite amazing to see and it was much less crowded than the Colosseum and you could see sweeping views of Rome. The next day I was off to Venice via train. Europe has a great train system which makes it quite convenient to travel to all the cities. The second I walked out of the train station in Venice I was immediately in awe. The entire city is surrounded by water and boats are the only mode of transportation. While it’s a bit tricky figuring out the water bus system (called the Vaporetto) it was also tough carrying bags especially around the bridges with countless steps, but overall I would say it is by far the favorite city I visited on this trip.

I learned a very important lesson on this trip, I over packed… I mean I need options! Ha! But seriously all you need is a decent size backpack and a medium size roller suitcase you should be fine. I made the big mistake of bringing a medium size suitcase and a small suitcase, so take my advice and stick to only ONE rolling suitcase.

Luckily, the weather was perfect in the 70s and so it made for an enjoyable visit. I would also recommend bringing a portable charger and pay for international data which will help for using Google maps and what not. Another important lesson I learned was to stay hydrated as much as possible. Many of the restaurants charge for water, so definitely purchase water bottles at your hotel or in shops and carry around with you. Being around crowds and walking a ton is tough so make sure to take a break at a restaurant, have a gelato or sit down at any piazza (outside open area) and enjoy the sights.

For those of you who've been to Rome and Venice, what were some of your favorite spots? 

Top:  Lulus  

Top: Lulus 

The beautiful view from the Grand Canal in Venice 

The beautiful view from the Grand Canal in Venice