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Book Review 2

Jean Ahn

Hi everyone!

I’ve finished some great books over the last few months and wanted to share my honest review of them. I tend to pick mysteries so I tried to mix things up and read some memoirs as well. I read most of these while I was snowed in during Seattle’s snow storm last month, I found it so easy to curl up with a good book with a hot cup of tea. I also love to read before going to bed, it’s so relaxing and I feel like its way more productive than scrolling mindlessly on your phone.

Ok here are my reviews of the books I read over the past month:


The Woman in Cabin 10: Initially starting the book I felt it had a lot of potential to be a riveting mystery but more than half of the book felt like a ‘boy who cried wolf’ scenario. Lo Blacklock is a journalist for a travel magazine who’s been assigned to cover a story about a luxury cruise ship. Lo hears a passenger being thrown overboard but everyone and everything continues to move on as if nothing happened. Meanwhile her attempts to prove something went wrong is simply seen as being a ‘paranoid woman.’ The plot was interesting but I wasn’t the biggest fan of the book because there were a lot of unnecessary details about the character and it took a really long time to get to the exciting, action filled parts. Only the last few chapters are exciting and then it’s the end. I would say pass on this one.

The French Girl: I was recommended this book and decided to give it a try. Overall I did enjoy the book and actually stayed up past 2 am finishing the book! Haha! But I will say the first two chapters were quite slow in the beginning which is true for many books but once you get past the beginning you will fly through the pages. Although I felt as the plot was building and moving fast there was a lot of unnecessary details and over describing which slowed down the story but regardless it was a great read and quite riveting. I would totally recommend this one.

A Stranger in the House: This book is by the same author of the book Unwanted Guest that I shared on my previous book review. Not even exaggerating I finished this book in 2 days it was THAT GOOD and I’m not some crazy fast reader either! Immediately I was hooked with the plot and story line. I felt the author shared just enough detail so you weren’t questioning the plot and or being slowed down or bored. The ending of the book makes me think there may be sequel?? I would love that. I highly recommend this one! Perfect for a long flight, day at the beach or just reading in bed. Definitely a page turner.

Hunting Annabelle: 23-year-old Sean Suh who was diagnosed as a schizophrenic spends most of his days sketching people in an amusement park. He meets stunning Annabelle Callaghan who surprisingly chooses to hangout with him but she is kidnapped right in front of him. The plot twists will have keep you glued to the pages. The ending was definitely unexpected but overall a great compelling, psychological mystery novel. I would recommend this one!

The Other Man: I actually read this book after The Skinny Confidential had shared this book a while back on her blog. Michael Bergin reveals the truth behind his affair with Carolyn Bessette who later became Mrs. John f. Kennedy Jr. Bergin was a a budding male model in 1992 when Michael met Carolyn at a bar in New York City and he was head over heels. They shared an intense, passionate relationship but the relationship fizzled and they went their separate ways. I enjoyed this one as it provides an inside look into his life of enduring heartbreak, tragedy and the painful choices we sometimes make with our ‘all-too-human hearts.’ I would definitely recommend!

Becoming- Michelle Obama: Of course I had to read Michelle Obama’s latest memoir. There’s been so much buzz about it I actually decided to purchase this. First off all, I always had an immense respect for Michelle Obama. This strong, classy, intelligent woman really embodied the essence of a First Lady before she even became First Lady. I loved reading about her background, where and how she grew up, how she met Barak Obama and their journey to The White House. This book brought out an array of emotions, it made me laugh, cry (literally bawling at the end of chapter 10) and feel empowered. No wonder this one of Oprah’s Book Club selections…an absolute must read!

That’s all for now! Let me know below in the comments some books you’ve been reading!