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Tips to throw a fun bachelorette party without totally breaking the bank

Jean Ahn

Hi everyone! How are you all doing?

Last weekend I was in Scottsdale, Arizona for one of my best friend’s bachelorette party. I am the maid of honor for her wedding in Hawaii so I had the responsibility to plan the bachelorette weekend. This is actually my first time being in a wedding so I am relatively new to all the duties especially those of a maid of honor. One of the first things I did after being asked to be the maid of honor (almost a year ago) was to start planning the bachelorette party. I had been to my fair share of bachelorette parties the last few years so I had an idea of what activities to plan and things to do for the weekend. We got started on planning about 6 months before the weekend and figuring out who would be invited, where we would spend the weekend and what we should do. One of the challenges from the beginning was finding the right location, everyone in the group was going to have to fly in from across the country so it was crucial to find an ideal city to meet. The bride had originally wanted her bachelorette in Miami but the rest of the group (myself included) made it clear that it was just not feasible cost wise since we also had to pay for the wedding in Hawaii too.

We settled on a long weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona which was where most of us had gone to college and a great location for all of us to fly into. Upon deciding on the location the bride and I started looking for AirBnbs which were in a good price range, great location and of course one that was super cute. We found one that had a really nice pool, hot tub and enough bedrooms for all the girls so we didn’t have to worry about air mattresses or anyone sleeping on couches. (Side note the group was only 7 girls so this made it easier to find a house with enough beds)

Our pool day at the W Scottsdale

Our pool day at the W Scottsdale

Upon booking the AirBnb we created multiple Google docs which had the girls contact info, grocery lists, and a tentative itinerary. The bride had made some suggestions such as making time for naps/relaxing and time for a workout class. With that in mind I went to work finding and researching the best restaurants, activities we could do and attire we should all wear to coordinate. Luckily I was pretty familiar with Scottsdale as I had been to a bachelorette in Scottsdale before and I had visited a few times after graduating college.

I compiled a list of all the girls attending and sent out a group email with a Google doc regarding all the details including what everyone should wear and breaking down the cost of everything (snacks, cocktails, decor) with a payment schedule. Providing all this information in an organized manner helped with any questions or concerns in regards to what everyone would be pitching in for.

We booked a table at one of the clubs in Old Town Scottsdale and told all the girls to wear a black dress or romper or jumpsuit and the bride would wear white. Splitting the cost of a table and drinks ended up being cheaper versus hopping around to various spots. (The more girls you have the cheaper this option will be) Just ensure the Bride or someone else is willing to front the cost and request Venmo’s from everyone.

We also booked a day bed at the W Hotel in Scottsdale. (By the way this is my all time favorite pool, service is great and the set up is very ideal) which was the best option because the pool was completely packed and absolutely no room for open seating. When we booked the day bed we were given a minimum amount we had to spend which included food and drinks. In the end that was the most affordable option when split 7 ways. And again communicate with the Bride or someone else who is willing to front the cost and request Venmo’s from everyone in the group.

We also scheduled a morning workout class at The Madison. Think fly wheel in a night club, flashing bright lights and speakers blaring with upbeat music. It was a party on a bike and we all had a blast while breaking a sweat! They also have various locations throughout the greater Phoenix area, we chose the Tempe location because it was closest to us. We also planned a casual night (first night) and went nearby our college campus and visited some of spots we used to frequent during our college days.


Another fun item we purchased were matching t shirts. Sticking with the wedding color scheme the Bride and I picked out matching t shirts for everyone and put them into gift bags for all the girls. Also included some Burts Bees chapstick, an emergency glam kit, sheet mask, eye gel mask, Advil and cute personalized cups. We wanted to keep items pretty small since everyone was flying and provide items everyone would use all the time.


Overall the weekend turned out perfectly and we couldn’t have gotten luckier with the weather. It was so fun to reunite with girls I hadn’t seen in years and enjoy some quality girl time.

If you’re going to be in a wedding or attending a bachelorette party, here are some tips to help you with planning, staying on budget and being organized:

  • Weddings/bachelorette parties can get expensive especially if you have to fly. I would suggest being upfront with the bride about what you can afford, what your budget is from the beginning.

  • Start making notes and lists on various Google docs and provide access to everyone in the group so they can view some of the ideas listed.

  • Once you figure out the entire cost, create a payment plan. This makes it much easier for everyone to budget and not feel overwhelmed with the cost.

  • Start a group text early on to remind everyone to check their emails and for any other reminders months before the weekend.

  • Make reservations at restaurants months in advance. Places book up really quick so I would suggest booking a reservation at least a month prior to the weekend.

  • Order decorations, shirts, gift bags etc. a few weeks before so you’re not rush shipping any items and ensuring plenty of time.

  • If you can, rent a helium tank. This helped us so much when blowing up all the balloons, it was much quicker and easier than trying to blow up so many balloons ourselves.

  • If there’s a pool, ask the owner of the AirBnb if there are floaties and a pump. That way you can bring your own floaties and or pump for the weekend.

  • Send out a packing list email about 2 weeks before the weekend so everyone has time to purchase and organize all the necessary outfits for the weekend.

  • Keep snacks and water available for everyone. This helped us stay hydrated and content throughout the weekend.

Hope these tips help for any upcoming bachelorette parties you may have!