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New Year, New Skin

Jean Ahn

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and NYE!

One of my goals for 2019 was to be more strict with my skin care. I have been pretty lucky (thanks to genetics ) I have had pretty good skin and had a decent routine but I was by no means strict about it. There were evenings I just quickly washed my face and went to bed or just only take off my face makeup and leave my eye makeup on haha! ( horrible I know but I was too lazy)

I have always had sensitive skin so I always had to be extra careful what products I used. After some thorough research and testing, I’ve found a simple and efficient routine which anyone could follow!


Winter is always rough on my skin (literally) my skin is flaky, dry you name it… and I go crazy. I started using Chanel Hydra Creme and it transformed my skin! It does come with a hefty price tag but it does last about year and its so light and hydrating. I always put this cream on first thing after I wash my face in the morning and I always feel so refreshed.

I found this Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleep Mask in a magazine and I thought the packaging was so cute I decided to give it a try. The light pink container looks so cute on my bathroom counter plus it smells so good! You just simply put a dime size amount of the product all over your face and go to bed. Just make sure to wash your face in the AM and your skin will feel so soft. I love to use my rose quartz roller to blend the product in.

The Rose quartz roller has been quite the craze (there’s also a jade roller too) and I decided to give it a try. The stone is cold on your skin but it feels sooo good and it’s supposed to reduce facial puffiness, promote drainage from the face and relieve facial and jaw tension. I use the roller at night and use it to blend in my night cream or watermelon sleep mask.

The Clinque Smart Night Custom Repair Moisturizer has been great so far! I had used some others and noticed some breakouts I believe from the oils and fragrance used. Clinique is great for sensitive skin since it’s 100% fragrance-free; paraben-free; sulfate-free; phthalate-free; oil-free; talc-free; SLS-free; mineral oil-free; alcohol-free. The product promises to immediately plump skin by 75% and it works throughout your sleeping hours to smooth wrinkles, lines and even skin tone. I switch back and forth between this product and the Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleep Mask and so far I have seen great results.

I just started using this MAC Strobe Cream and it’s been great to use under foundation to help illuminate and boost your look. The cream has ‘nutritious vitamins and a mega-dose of green tea. It brightens, clarifies and smoothes the skin while hydrating and leaving your complexion radiant with iridescent particles and antioxidants.’ It adds the perfect amount of glow to your skin so you can be radiate all winter long.

And last but not least… I use this clay mask by Lancome once a week. The 5-minute mask leaves your skin so smooth and soft, removes all the excess oils and helps reduce the appearance of pores. Leaving your skin clean and refined.

What are some of your favorite skin care products? Share below in the comments! :)