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Book Review 1

Jean Ahn

Hi Hello! How is everyone doing?

I’ve been an avid reader since I was young and really enjoy reading! (Remember those Nancy Drew books? I read them all in a matter of months) But when I got to college I was too busy with schoolwork and reading books required for class, I never had the energy to read outside of school. Fast forward to 2018, I made a goal to try and read at least one book every two weeks. I’m proud to say I fulfilled that goal and some weeks I would finish a book by the end of the week. This is huge considering I had basically stopped reading books for a couple years.

I scoured New York Best Seller lists, Amazon book reviews and recommendations from friends and family to find some great reads. I was reading so often that I actually started borrowing books from the local library because it’s not only free but the due dates pushed me to read quicker. The local library is a great resource for all your book needs plus they also provide recommended books as well! My local library offers an online portal where I can reserve and renew books all online. (Seattleites I use the Seattle Public Library site)


Here’s my take on some of the books I read recently:

Down the Rabbit Hole: Holly Madison shares a candid and moving tell all of her life at the Playboy Mansion. Everything from the infamous parties to personal details of Hugh Hefner. The shocking and bizarre story kept me glued to the pages and I read this book so fast. It’s an easy, fun read I highly recommend for some light reading.

When life gives you Lululemons: Emily Charlton from The Devil Wear’s Prada is back and this time she heads to the suburbs of Connecticut to visit her friend Miriam. When Miriam’s model friend Karolina Hartwell is dumped publicly by her senator husband Graham, Emily takes matters into her own hands and works her PR magic to help Karolina get her life back. This was a fun read with lots of funny moments. Overall I really enjoyed this book. The novel is on the lighter side and would be perfect for reading on the beach or at the pool.

An Unwanted Guest: I decided to read this book after seeing that another blogger had read it and I decided to give it a try. It’s a chilling mystery about eight guests who head to Catskills and Mitchell’s Inn deep in the woods to enjoy some peace, snow, huge wood burning fireplaces… totally cozy, winter vibes. When a guest turns up dead it looks like an accident but when a second guest dies everyone begins to panic. Overall It was a great thriller to read but I felt that at some points there was some over explaining and which made the story feel slow at times… but once you get past those parts the end is shocking!

A Simple Favor: I had seen the movie and was curious what the book was like and I thoroughly enjoyed the book much more than the movie. Emily Nelson has the seemingly perfect glamorous life then she goes missing. Her friend Stephanie shares her worries via her ‘Mommy blog.’ I would say the book was quite different than the movie, everything from the personality of some of the characters to the ending. I would recommend the book over the movie, it explains situations more clearly and parts of the movie I was a little confused and left with many questions.

The Thousandth Floor: Flash forward to the year 2118 where robots are your servers, there’s self driving cars and you don’t have cell phones or credit cards. Think Gossip Girl meets the future. This book (a part of a series) has lots of drama, glamour and a glittering future. It’s New York like you’ve never seen before. I would love to see a TV series or a movie about this. It was super interesting to read about life hundred years from now and the futuristic life the characters live.

Bring Me Back: The story begins with Finn and Layla who are young and in love but during a road trip Layla goes missing. She’s gone for 12 years and by then Finn is engaged to Layla’s sister Ellen. Upon their engagement strange occurrences happen, long-lost items from Layla’s past keep turning up and Finn receives emails and phone calls regarding Layla. While this did have some mysterious and chilling aspects, I wasn’t a fan of this one. I felt like the plot was going round and round in circles and the ending just didn’t have enough action/suspense in my opinion. I would say a pass on this one.

That’s all for now… be sure to comment below some of your favorite books! I love finding new books to read :)