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Be THE best-dressed guest at a wedding

Jean Ahn

Not sure how it's for you all but wedding season seems to come in waves for me and almost right after another. Two years ago I attended four weddings within a six-month span and I was a bit overwhelmed, to say the least. Then the next year I didn't have a single wedding to attend (which was honestly a really nice break) and this year I only have one wedding to attend and next year there is a destination wedding which I will be the maid of honor.

Weddings are expensive for all parties involved and it can definitely get stressful at times, especially if you're attending so many at once. I'm sharing some ideas for wedding attire based on the type of wedding you could be attending. 

This is typically an evening, formal event where a tux is required (for men) and a gown for women. I was invited to a very exclusive black tie wedding and I wore a red satin long gown. I would keep it very simple and elegant, avoiding wild prints and bright colors. (Depending on the location of course)  wedding guest tips for you all which I have picked up over the years... When you get the wedding invite, it will typically state the attire. 

If the invite states 'black tie': This is typically an evening, formal event where a tux is required (for men) and a gown for women. I was invited to a very exclusive black tie wedding and I wore a red satin long gown. I would keep it very simple and elegant, avoiding wild prints and bright colors. (Depending on the location of course) I love this (yes its a splurge but so pretty) and this (a more affordable option) 

If the invite states 'formal': A tux is not required, just a nice suit for men and either a nice cocktail dress or gown, in my opinion formal is pretty much the same as 'black tie' for women. Perhaps a nice wrap would be appropriate with a gown. I like this and this 

If the invite states 'beach formal:' I would say floral, flow-y dresses or rompers would be perfect, basically anything you would wear to a nice restaurant in the summer. I attended a destination wedding in Cancun one year for a friend's wedding and wore a long red silky gown which looking back might have been a bit too formal since much of the ceremony was literally on the beach barefoot in the sand. I would also swap out heels for wedges or nice sandals as it fits the beach theme a little better. Love this one and this one

If the invite states 'dressy casual' or 'semiformal': I would either go for a cocktail dress (if you want to be a little fancier) or a fit and flare dress which I absolutely love!  I like this and this.  

IMG_6916 2.jpg

In addition to the ones I linked above, I have compiled some wedding wear options for all types of weddings. I tend to graviatete towards solid colors and jewel tones which look great on just about any skin tone! Some could be worn for fall/winter weddings and some for spring/summer weddings. 

1. Tadashi Shoji Noelle fit and flare dressIf you're headed to a beach or semi formal wedding in the spring or summer this would be a perfect little number. Pair with nude heels and a simple bracelet or earrings to keep the focus on you! 

2. La Femme satin fit and flare dressI would wear this number for a fall/ winter wedding. Its a little poufy but not too much and will make you standout on the dance floor. Since the color is pretty bright I would stick to simple/elegant chandelier earrings and open toed heels. 

3. Black Halo Asymmetrical Gown: I love this color of green, it's simple, elegant and form fitting to show off curves. I feel this gown could be worn for a black tie/formal wedding anytime of the year. Either a sparkly bracelet or earrings would add a nice touch. 

4. Black Halo Yoli JumpsuitI love a sleek and simple jumpsuit, it stands out in a sea of colorful dresses yet it looks effortless and classy. This would be perfect for either a formal or semi-formal wedding in the fall or winter. 

5. Lost Ink Tea Dress: This cute little number would be perfect for a beachy or dressy casual wedding in the spring or summer. It's breezy and comfy with an adjustable ribbon tie. And this dress could definitely be worn again for other events! Long simple earrings would look perfect with this dress along with some strappy heels or sandals. 

6. Michelle Mason draped one shoulder gownWhen I first saw this dress I fell in love with it immediately. The draped shoulder and high slit makes it a bit sexy but also classy at the same time. Yes, it's quite a splurge so if you want to treat yourself I would say go for it. A long chandelier or hoop earring would be perfect to add along with nude open toed heels. 

7. ASTR Lace Midi DressLace is always a pretty choice especially for a spring/summer wedding. I love this dress because you can definitely find other occasions to wear it and this dress comes in lots of different colors. 

8. Chiara Boni Le Petite Robe Kate slit dressWhile this dress is quite the splurge, there is a reason why. I have a dress from this brand and it fits so perfectly and sucks you in to give you an hour glass figure. The stretchy but thick material makes the dress comfortable and easy to move in. You are sure to be turning heads at a wedding or any formal event. 

9. Amanda Uprichard ruffle dress: I love the ruffles on this dress, it makes it casual but dressy at the same time. It would be ideal for a beach, semi formal and or dressy casual. It also comes in various colors! Pair with strappy heels or sandals and some either a long single strand necklace or earrings to top it off. 

Let me know what you end up finding for the next wedding you attend in the comments below!