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Italy Part 2

Jean Ahn

Continuing the rest of my Italy trip...after Venice, I headed to Florence which was full of life, gold decor and so much history. I would say Florence was much easier to navigate compared to Venice. I visited the Palazzo Vecchio which was full of gold decor and countless paintings on ceilings. Not gonna lie, my neck hurt a bit since I was constantly looking up ha! Some of the best gelato I ever had was in Florence, it was so creamy and melted instantly in my mouth and was gone in 30 seconds! All of the gelato shops were on point so you can never go wrong. 

Of course I was walking a ton and the weather was pretty tame but mostly cloudy much of the time I was there. I stuck to these Sam Edelman Petty boots and carried essentials ( i.e. water, sunglasses, hair brush) in a small backpack (similar one here


As for the food in Florence, it was more meat-based food versus pastas. The Mercado Centrale had some delicious and affordable options. The market was bustling even on a week day, filled with tourists and locals. The main central area of Florence consists of a square with cathedrals and various shops. You'll also find the bougie Gucci Garden, a combination of a shop, restaurant and museum. But be advised you must order food at these restaurants and they charge a cuperto or tax just for being seated.    


One of the best restaurants I visited in Florence was Gastone Vineria Ristorante the ambiance was so beautiful and the price was on point, with excellent service.  

The pastas in Florence are much lighter than the ones in Rome. Simple ingredients and perfectly proportioned.

The pastas in Florence are much lighter than the ones in Rome. Simple ingredients and perfectly proportioned.

The views of the Arno River were breathtaking! Make sure to stop and take in a part of beautiful Tuscany on the Ponte Vecchio which is the oldest bridge overlooking the Arno River. There are numerous colleges in Florence which calls for younger crowds in the areas with various hipster areas to stop by for a drink or two. 

Stay tuned for a recap of the final part of the trip where I headed back to Rome!