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What's going in my suitcase: packing for Hawaii

Jean Ahn

Hi! Hello! How is everyone doing? I’m super excited to be headed to Hawaii tomorrow for one of my good friend’s wedding, where I am the maid of honor! It’s actually my first time being in a wedding let alone the maid of honor so honestly I am a little nervous but super excited to stand next to my best friend on her special day. I haven’t been back to Hawaii since I was in high school so I am that much more excited. I’m headed to the island of Kauai which is actually my favorite out of all of them. It’s smaller, less touristy and much more relaxing since it’s not as busy. Naturally, I have planned most of my outfits and wanted to share what I’m packing for Hawaii. Since I’m only going for a long weekend, I am really hoping to not overpack for this trip but I guess we’ll see because ya know, a girl does need her options :)

My Post copy 3.png

First things first, shoes! I alway pack my my shoes first and at the bottom of my suitcase and arrange them around so I can fit other items in between. I always try not to take too many shoes because of course they take up too much space and they are the culprit for overweight bags (if you’re checking) I plan to take a pair of espadrille wedges, sandals, heels and wear sneakers on the plane. Another reason I stick to mostly neutral color shoes is so they match with everything and I don’t ever have to worry about color clashing.

Dresses: I plan to be wearing tons of dresses and rompers and luckily these can easily roll up in my suitcase but then of course this causes wrinkles. I found this mini steamer on Amazon and works like a charm! It also comes with a bag to put it in too which makes it great for packing.

Bathing suits: This is a given, I’m usually not into one pieces but I found this one and I love it so I’m planning to pack that with the usual bikinis and some high waisted ones as well since those are all the rage right now. Also, love a good coverup, packing a few coverups as well I like this and this.

Jewlery Case: I’ve shared this before on my ‘Best Amazon Finds’ post and I can’t live without it! It makes everything so organized and prevents tangled necklaces.

Makeup Bag: I finally found a makeup case and it’s under $15! Right now you can get $5 off too! It makes traveling with makeup soo much easier and keeps everything organized plus its compact enough that I’m able to toss in my carry on bag.

Straw Bag: I’ve shared this before on my ‘Spring Break Essentials’ post I can’t say enough great things about this straw bag. It’s the perfect size for the beach or pool and holds all your essentials.

That’s all for now! :)

Stay tuned for my Hawaii travel recap!