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Cold Weather Essentials

Jean Ahn

It’s October and fall is in full swing. Hard to believe how fast time is flying by. Seattle is definitely in fall mode… been waking up to a chilly 40 degree weather and I’ve broken out the coats and blanket scarves and actually I’m kind of enjoying it.

I know this may be a bit premature for the rest of the country, but I wanted to share some essentials for cold weather. The Pacific Northwest is pretty chilly for the majority of the year so I’ve had to scour the web and curated some of my favorite essentials.


Ok here we go:

  1. A pea coat is an essential. It’s perfect for casual and formal outfits and so classic. I love a pea coat with a belt, it adds dimension and is very slimming. I also like this one and have it in black and burgundy.

  2. Ok, I wasn’t always a fan of puffer coats because I feel like it’s easy to end up looking frumpy but I found one with a belt and I feel like it helps show off your figure and look fashionable. I love this one, it’s warm, cozy and perfect for chilly fall days and all through winter.

  3. I feel like a teddy pullover is mandatory for fall and winter. I love this leopard printed one, currently in my cart. I also like this teddy coat too!

  4. My love for wrap coats continues, I love this fur detail on the collar of this coat. I feel like this is such a timeless style and you can wear for years.

  5. Currently Lack of Color Hats are so popular right now and I finally gave in and got this one. It’s the perfect accessory for fall and winter and adds an extra touch to any outfit. I recommend following the measurement guide listed on the site.

  6. Blanket Scarves are a must for fall! They are here to stay for a while and also just screams fall and winter. I have a variety of colors and Amazon has some that are very affordable.

  7. To be honest I wasn’t always on board but I purchased a pair of black ones and I love them! They are the perfect shoe for fall and winter. This one also comes in a chestnut brown as well.

  8. I love beanies with a pom pom. It’s so cute and the perfect snow bunny look. I splurged on one from Moncler and also like this cashmere beanie from Halogen which comes in a few other colors.

That’s all for now! Until next time! :)