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Jean Ahn

Hello hello! How is everyone doing?! 

I wanted to share with you details about the app! I was just recently accepted to RewardStyle which means you can now shop all my outfits in one place plus I will be able to link other options as well. So you're probably wondering what exactly is The affiliate program allows consumers to purchase their favorite looks on various social media channels (e.g. InstagramFacebook, or Pinterest) with just a screenshot. Amber Venz, the founder of rewardStyle, developed an app that takes inspiration and transformed it into reality. is a free app you can download straight to your smartphone and shop influencer's looks. You can screenshot images with the caption from Instagram and other social media channels or the web to shop the exact outfit. Plus you will find other items I featured that weren't featured on my Instagram. 

Follow me (iamjeanahn) on the app to start shopping and get product links straight to your inbox. Feel free to email me any questions you may have about the app!

Happy Shopping!