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When in Chi-town

Jean Ahn

If you ever plan a trip to Chicago, I highly recommend visiting in late spring/ early summer as it gets very hot and humid in the summers and very cold in the winters. Michigan Avenue is the main downtown area with tons of shops and restaurants and if you head toward the river you can find the Navy Pier and beautiful river views. I took a boat tour and learned so much about the architecture and history of Chicago. 


I stayed in the downtown area near Michigan Avenue where everything was pretty much walking distance. I loved The Hampton Social which has the cutest sign "Rose' all day" which is the perfect photo op with your girlfriends. Think nautical theme mixed with lots of pretty cocktails, yummy food and of course lots of Rosé. 


Another fun spot to visit was RPM Italian, Guilanna Rancic's Italian restaurant. The service was excellent with delicious Italian dishes, wine and appetizers. I realized Chicago is surrounded by a plethora of Italian restaurants and pizzerias which of course serve up the famous deep dish pizzas. It was my first time trying a deep dish pizza and I loved it but it was quite heavy to say the least and I was intstantly full after one slice.

I had some delicious Italian food at The Purple Pig which I would highly recommend but try to snag a reservation, its a popular spot and bustling with guests on the weekends.

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What are some of your favorite spots in Chicago? Share below!