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The best LBDs (Little Black Dresses)

Jean Ahn

An essential piece every girl needs in her closet is a little black dress. (LBD) In my opinion it is the most important after a good pair of jeans! It is always a challenge to find the perfect LBD that not only fits perfectly but also perfectly fits your budget. However if you find a piece you absolutely love I would think of it as an investment piece. There are so many occasions you can wear a black dress and if you find a classic style you can wear it for years!

Outfit Details:   Dress,     Heels,     Necklace

Outfit Details: Dress, Heels, Necklace

Here’s some of my favorites and some are even on sale right now for Cyber Week!

Michael Costello X Revolve Mr. Gibson Dress: I love the slits on this dress it makes it unique and different from the typical dresses out there. This one is pretty covered up so it would be family appropriate with a pair of tights and heels.

ALC Mara Dress: Love this classic deep V style and perfect for winter. It is on the pricey side but for something you think you would wear for many years it may just be worth it. Intermix does have some sales from time to time so this may go on sale in the near future.

Dress the Population Iris Gown: I had seen this dress over and over and then I finally bit the bullet and purchased it for a black tie event and recently wore it to a friend’s wedding. (Photo above) The dress comes in a bunch of different colors and the style is so classic, sexy yet elegant. I love the high’s just enough that you could wear to a more conservative event.

Zhivago Eye of Hours Dress: This is one of my favorite dresses. I got a shimmery dress for New Years a few years back from this brand and the fit is perfect. It’s a bit on the low cut side so you can easily pin at the chest if you are not comfortable with the low cut style. The material and quality is excellent and well worth the price. Also Revolve has frequent sales so you just might be able to purchase this one on sale as well.

Chelsea28 off the shoulder dress: Love the off the shoulder look on this dress, would be perfect for an office party. It comes to the knees and shows off just a little bit of shoulder and the sleeves are so fun too! It also comes in red and a bright blue plus its under $150!

Chiara Boni La Petite Robe Melania Dress: I own this dress in a royal blue and it is actually one of my absolute favorite dresses I own. The fit is incredible, it sucks you in and shows off your curves in all the right places. The material is on the thicker side and its stretchy too! It is expensive but this definitely a show stopper, whenever I wear this dress I receive endless compliments.

What are some of your favorite LBDs? Share in the comments section below!