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5 ways to stay active in the colder months

Jean Ahn

One of the things I struggle with when the cold weather hits is staying active. I mean sitting on your couch with Netflix, blanket and a glass of red sounds pretty amazing right?! I have struggled with this since moving back to Seattle when the cold, rainy weather starts.

Here are five ways I’ve learned to stay active in the colder months:

  1. Workout inside a gym or take a workout class with friends: In the summer its soo much easier to workout since it’s warmer and there’s motivation to look good in dresses, rompers, swimsuits etc. but winter always poses as a challenge to stay motivated since we are typically bundled up! Joining a workout class or group with a friend forces you to go since you are paying for it and it forces you to follow through with plans! Working out friends is also great excuse to catch up! A lot of times I just meet up with a friend and head to the gym and follow Kayla Itsines BBG or other workout routines we find online.

  2. Head to the mountains and go skiing or snowboarding and if you don’t do either you can go tubing or snow shoeing: Cold weather calls for cold weather sports! I’m a huge fan of skiing and its such a good workout too! Find a group to go skiing or snowboarding with, it’s also a perfect excuse for a weekend getaway! If you don’t ski or snowboard there’s other fun activities you can do like tubing and snowshoeing.

  3. Bundle up and take a walk outside and take in the sights: During the holidays when all the decorations are up, it’s always fun to just walk around, window shop or head to a park with a nice cup of hot coco or hot cider.

  4. Find festive events to attend like a tree lighting, zoo lights, concerts: While this isn’t exactly super ‘active’ at least you’re out of the house and you’re walking around. I’m already looking forward to all the holiday festivities!

  5. Go ice skating: I used to looove ice skating and begged my parents to let me take lessons haha! Its super fun and it’s actually a good workout. Your town/city most likely has an ice rink set up for the holidays which offers skates to rent for free or at a low price. Seattlelites, I love going here every year!

Some other tips for the colder months…

I also try to stay hydrated, take lots of vitamins and drink hot tea! I use this cup for water and it helps me fulfill the 8 glasses a day goal! I also love drinking a warm cup of coffee, I typically drink about 1-2 cups of coffee a day and sprinkle cinnamon on top and it’s soo good and its healthier than creamer! I also make sure to keep my neck covered with a warm scarf and coat, it prevents a nasty cold or flu during the fall/winter season.

Leggings   //   Top   //   Shoes   //   Cup

 What are some of the ways you stay active when the cold weather hits? Comment below with some your traditions and ideas!